Duck, Duck, Goose

Screen shots from three technology companies today. Apple, and Google both supporting relief efforts, Microsoft doesn't mention the disaster.
webgoogle.jpg webapple.jpg webmicrosoft.jpg

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OK, but we're getting better. For Hurricane Katrina, we had this link on a couple days after it hit: https: //, not to mention a $1M donation from the company to regional shelters and distribution centers.

Posted by: John K. at August 31, 2005 4:27 PM

And as long as John is going to defend Microsoft, its only fair to acknowledge the tremendous amount of personal donations that Microsoft employees make, from Bill Gates on down. Those donations would be completely absent without Microsoft being around....

Posted by: Don at August 31, 2005 5:17 PM

Space Invader Shoes


This French dude has made a shoe with an imprint of an alien from the classic arcade game, "Space Invaders". When you walk on the beach you leave a trail of aliens littered on the beach. See more at the Space shop.

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The Doctor Who Radiophonatron


The BBC has created this cool website where you can mix your own Doctor Who theme song. They have lots of familiar samples including "OO-EE-OO". I never really got into Doctor Who, but it's fun to create your own mash-up with the samples.

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its fun:):D

Posted by: coolguy at October 26, 2005 4:49 AM

Minimum Wait Time at DisneyLand


There is now a company called RideMax that will plan an itinerary of DisneyLand for you. They ask you for the rides that you want to go on and then they pick a timing and ordering of the rides that minimizes the amount of time you spend in line based on historic patterns of line lengths for a particular day and hour.

It's a cool idea. If everyone used it then the lines would be much shorter everywhere in the park. But the more that people use RideMax, the less it can help. So it's a business that if successful will be worthless. Kind of like accurate stock market prediction would kill itself.

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3-D animation of Tsunami


NOAA has published a 3-D animation of the tidal wave that's killed 22,000+ people around the Indian Ocean. Watch it (in QT) here

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Nativity Set made out of Smore's

smores nativity

Order your very own nativity set made out of smore's today

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Funny ads on Google


This is a screen shot of an ad that Google displayed when I searched for tap water. Ebay, Amazon and others often put ads into Google that are generated by computer programs. This tap water ad is one of them. If you search for the word "Dead" you get an ad for "Sexy Dead Singles". Or if you search for "Famine", ebay will tell you how fun and easy it is to find famine on It's a good way to waste an hour.

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Kaya, a Virtual Model


This is a virtual actress that a small team of people put together to try and push the limits of virtual characters. It's so realistic that it is creepy. There is also a fake screen test that shows great animation skills also. It isn't completely convincing yet, her lips are a little too stiff, but it's very good. Check out the website here.

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