April 2005

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I Love Amibiguously Self-Referential Bumper Stickers

Here's my first foray into online sales. Buy this handsome and witty bumper sticker by clicking here. The quality of the graphics are much higher on the real product.

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Seattle Public Library

SeattlePublicLibrary-3.jpg SeattlePublicLibrary-4.jpg SeattlePublicLibrary-5.jpg

Well, I finally made it to the new Seattle Public Library. It is really cool. If you have a thing for architecture, then I definitely recommend that you visit. And visit soon before it looks dated. :) Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the world, I grew up with my sister who is a good photographer. This demonstrated to me that I am not a very talented photographer. (You are also fortunate that I have a partner who can sing) Nonetheless, here are some camera phone photos I took of the place.

I'm blogging this, because, of course, I should be writing a thesis right now.

SeattlePublicLibrary-6.jpg SeattlePublicLibrary-7.jpg SeattlePublicLibrary-9.jpg

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I'm Loving It!

mcdonalds.jpg Here's a blog with some funny parodies of the McDonald's "I'm Loving It" stickers.

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Blue Like Jazz


This was a very northwest book on Christian spirituality. It was fun for me to read because I knew a few of the people that the author talks about. The church that the author mentions, Imago Dei, is somewhat a sister church to mine, Mars Hill Church.

This book is written almost in a stream of consciousness style and reflects the growing discontent within the Christian community of the forms that Christianity has taken and the organizations which have co-opted Christianity for things other than the core messages of Jesus. That said, it's not really a book for Christians. It's really just a story of the author's spiritual journey in a particular time and place.

I am encouraged that writing like this is seeing the light of day. It is accessible, honest, deep, but not really profound. That makes it feel authentic but not high-brow.

Here are some of the author's points that resonated with me:
Why does going to church feel like walking into the Gap?
Why are we more concerned with what is cool rather than with what is noble?
How can you authentically love someone without condoning the aspects of their behavior which are clearly wrong?

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You're right, not particularly profound.

Posted by: Nate at May 6, 2005 5:42 AM

Transparent Laptop Screens


Click on the image on the left to see a cool slideshow of laptops that have transparent screens. They aren't really transparent, but the photographers did a funny trick where they set the background of their computer desktop as an image of the area behind the screen.

The website is called Flickr and it's the hottest thing in photo sharing right now. Basically every photo gets tagged with some phrase and you can search for all the photos in the entire repository with that tag. It enables lots of cool automated tools.

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Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About by Donald Knuth

book cover image

Donald Knuth, one of the heavy weights of computer science academics, talks about how computer science has given him insights about the nature of God and his relationship with him. I enjoyed this book. He is a great role model. The book wasn't particularly deep or overwhelming. There was some math at the end. Mostly it was a statement about the legitimacy of Christianity made to academics.

Link to Amazon.

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Poultry Internet

Poultry Internet

Finally, there is a system for me to get to know my poultry friends better. This movie (link broken) shows how I can put a jacket on my pet chicken and then pet it from the comfort of my office.

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Starbucks Delocator


Can't find a decent cup of non-corporate coffee? Try searching the Starbucks Delocator for an indy coffee house near you!

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This is interesting. Now I dislike Starbucks as much as the next fellow, but would not make an effort to frequent an anti-Starbucks unless the following criteria are met: 1) I have a major coffee jones, 2) I have extra money in my pocket and, 3) I look out the car window and I happen to see said cafe coming up on the right. Otherwise, this seems to be just an effort to digress back to the pub-friendly society of the early 20th century England.

Posted by: Nate at April 11, 2005 12:57 PM