ULTra driverless car system (airport pods)


Zip around the airport in these oh-so-british driverless pods. The future is now.

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Two Chinese Students Lip-Syncing the Back Street Boys


Someone please tell these guys " why?" before they get whiplash or hit their heads on something sharp.

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WHY?! don't they have a website! WHY doesn't anybody know their names?! Life is so unfair!

Posted by: Candy at November 27, 2005 3:24 PM

How can anybody not love these guys!!
Having fun and turning into Internet stars at the same time!

Posted by: big swede at December 8, 2005 7:15 AM

Resist the Tower! Fight Media Power!


Consumer's Union put out another clever movie highlighting the growing media hegemony in the U.S. I'm not personally so concerned with media consolidation, but what bothers me is the way media companies throw their weight around to enact DRM that makes for lousy products and loss of freedom. I don't pirate anything, why do I need DRM in my products? I don't want to have to buy a different copy of every song I like to play on my phone, versus my stereo, versus my computer. Consumer's Union isn't directly addressing this issue with this campaign, but it is more than peripherally related.

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Author Cleverly Parallels Google Print with the Gospel

SeattlePublicLibrary-7.jpg Meghann Marco sent this open letter of encouragement to Google because she thinks Google Print is a good idea. Well-argued.

Dear Google,

Your search engine is the primary way that people find their way to my website, and subsequently, my book.

I asked my publisher, Simon and Schuster, for my book to be included in Google Print. I was told they did not do that.

Lack of exposure is the primary reason that a book like mine would fail in the marketplace. I spend most of my day trying to get attention for my book. Not for the money, but because I believe that it is well written and funny. Very few authors will become rich writing books. We do it because we have something to say. If we wanted to be rich, we'd have invented a search engine!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. After all, it's perfectly free to check out a book from the library. I have no problem with my book being indexed by your site. In fact, I wish it was!

Someone asked me recently, "Meghann, how can you say you don't mind people reading parts of your book for free? What if someone xeroxed your book and was handing it out for free on street corners?"

I replied, "Well, it seems to be working for Jesus."

All my best,

Meghann Marco author, 'Field Guide to the Apocalypse'

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San Fransisco Modeled in Jello-O


An unbelievable sculpture which recreates San Francisco in Jell-O. An artist after my own heart. See the photos here.

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Clever Evolution-Themed Guiness Beer Ad


This ad traces the evolutionary history of three gents at a pub back to their evolutionary ancestors. The punch-line is brilliant: "Good things come to those who wait"

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Cross iPod Shuffle Lanyard


What an awesome commentary on faith, consumerism and pop culture. This lanyard replacement for the iPod shuffle turns your player into a cross. In the process it forces you to ask yourself where your worship is directed. Buy one here.

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Wacky Plant Video


Here is a wacky video that looks like a demo for some special effects artist. Someone took a bunch of close-up plant video and added wacky eyes and beaks and probers and stuff. Disturbingly realistic, but obviously fantasy.

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God's Politics


God's Politics by Jim Wallis is an encouraging book that critiques the state of religion and politics in the U.S.

Some of the points that I drew from the book are:

  • ...that the Republicans have co-opted the sincerely faithful followers of Jesus by reducing the public discussion of faith to issues of abortion and gay-rights when in fact Jesus' teachings are far broader.
  • ...that this has been possible because the Democrats have run in fear from all public expressions of faith and react caustically to the suggestion that personal faith should express itself publically.
  • ...that this is necessary because Jesus' full teachings would challenge the current power structure, the current disregard for the poor, the current American budget and the consumer economy machine that thrives on materialism.

The reason I found it encouraging was because throughout the book, Mr. Wallis presents a method of rejecting the false choices that are presented to us by finding a "third-way". So rather than accepting that you are either pro-choice or pro-life, you can be pro-adoption, anti-poverty, pro-family and reach many of the same goals in a non-confrontational way. Rather than being pro or anti-homosexual, you can be pro-family, pro-marriage and respect homosexuals as people created in the image of God. In both cases there is no need to give ground and say that abortion is okay, or that homosexuality is okay - I don't believe they are - but you can reject the us vs. them mentality which makes it impossible to show Christ's love to people with whom you disagree.

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That book is really good.

Posted by: Alex Harris at October 8, 2005 9:54 AM

Pi Joke

pi factory Help I'm trapped in a universe factory.

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