April 2006

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Code Monkey

code monkey
Image courtesy of Jawboneradio

An awesome song called "Code Monkey" by Geek Rocker Jonathan Coulton, get it here.

Code Monkey get up get coffee...
...Code Monkey have boring meeting with boring manager Rob...
...Code Monkey like fritos

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Chris DiBona

chris This is a picture of Chris not me.

I just spent an hour chatting with Chris DiBona who is the Open Source Program Manager at Google. It is great to hear someone who actually is working in the guts of the field talk about net nuetrality, dark fiber, data centers, open source licenses, and Air Wolf. It has such a different flavor than people who are professional commentators.

Here is the summary of the opinions:
Net nuetrality: bad will get worse before it gets better.
Dark Fiber: innocuous it hosts Google's internal network and makes caching work better.
Data Centers: mmm...they exist and Google needs food badly...
Open Source license: If you want to make money off your software don't use them. If you do use them, don't try and make money off your software later. Apache is his flavor of the day.
Air Wolf: Scared of Jan-Michael Vincent, show sucked. (He is completely wrong on this point. A helicopter landing in a psuedo-volcano rocks.

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Whew! Now that I know all this, I can sleep better at night.

Posted by: Nate at May 1, 2006 4:25 AM

Pinky and the Brain are Terrorists

brain.jpg pinky.jpg

All I can say is Pinky and the Brain

pinky and the brain

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Posted by: CH at June 7, 2006 7:22 PM

Fifty Ways to Take Notes

note squares
Photo courtesy of pupski.

This web site has an overwhelming list of Web 2.0/ Ajax-y sites that will help you take notes, write collaborative documents, wiki and do other text-based information management tasks. Uggh.. It's overwhelming.

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If you can use Scribbles, then I'm interested.

Posted by: Nate at April 24, 2006 4:04 AM

The Global Night Commute

invisible children

On April 29th, there is going to be a global solidarity movement with the night commuting children of Uganda. The idea is to generate awareness of the 130 people who die every day in Northern Uganda as part of the conflict with the Lord's Resistance Army.

"The Global Night Commute is a worldwide event organized by the Invisible Children, Inc. organization. The Night Commute which will take place on April 29th, 2006, will feature people from around the world converging on urban centers in solidarity with displaced Ugandan children attempting to avoid capture by the LRA.... The Global Night Commute will involve the trek of thousands of men, women and children from around the world into major cities where they will mimic the nightly commute of the Ugandan children by marching en masse from one point to another and sleeping in their final destination for the entire night..."

In L.A. at Santa Monica CIty Hall, details. In Long Beach, at City Hall, details In Costa Mesa, on the parking lot on the top of Triangle Square, details

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The Democrats working on a winning strategy


I don't care what political party you belong to, this is hilarious! Courtesy of the LA Weekly, again.

It's a very inclusive logo and it looks like a pretty white bird when you shake it.

An animated short By MR. FISH

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The most expensive sandwich in the world


From UK retailer Selfridges & Co. comes this very expensive sandwich, which I would be happy to eat for you.

"This sandwich has been created to offer a truly gourmet experience. Each sandwich contains rare Wagyu beef, the finest fresh duck foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise, brie de meaux, rocket, red pepper and mustard confit with English plum tomatoes in a sour dough bread."

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I'm feeling a little cyncial this morning. It's a good question - "What would Jesus do?" Courtesy of the LA Weekly.

What Would Jesus Do? An animated short By MR. FISH

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Google Earth Find


I found a house on fire while flying around Orange County with Google Earth. Click on the photo to get a .kmz file to see it yourself in Google Earth. Or go to Google Maps

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You're posts lately have been boring. Blokebot? Squirrels? Come on! I need my entertainment. Also dissapointing is the frequency between posts... Please submit my concerns to the appropriate agency.

Posted by: Nate at April 14, 2006 3:50 AM

Aaah - Command Line Shells!


So is it a directory or isn't it?

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The Gospel of Judas

Photo courtesy of nicholasbarlow1

"An early Christian manuscript, including the only known text of what is known as the Gospel of Judas, has surfaced after 1,700 years. The text gives new insights into the relationship of Jesus and the disciple who betrayed him, scholars reported today. In this version, Jesus asked Judas, as a close friend, to sell him out to the authorities, telling Judas he will "exceed" the other disciples by doing so."

From: 'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years - New York Times

Is this a big deal? I guess it's news from the perspective that it does suggest that there was, as there is now, a diversity of faith in 300AD. That sort of explodes the nostalgic thinking that the "olden days were better," which permeates a lot of our modern American (and Christian) thinking (the 1950's ideal for example or the "early church" ideal).

But from a theological perspective it's not new. The idea of the Gnostics - that physical and spiritual are separate and different, bad and good, respectively - is an old persistent deviation from what Jesus taught. Other books of the canonical Bible put forward theological defenses of Gnosticism earlier than 300AD. The gnostic idea still is with us today, I believe it is the reason why there is "Christian radio" vs "radio" and "Christian bookstores" rather than just "bookstores". The Christian stamp has to be put on something physical that is inherently bad (according to gnostic tradition) before we can embrace it. In contrast the scriptures teach that creation was created uniformly "good" and warped through interaction with sinful people. The role of Jesus was to redeem people and creation, and the role of people is to accept that redemption from Jesus and follow Jesus' example in redeeming people and creation in response.

I doubt the Judas book is accurate as Judas committed suicide after betraying Jesus. An unlikely scenario given that Jesus has called you the greatest disciple. Whereas the other disciples went on to do incredible things in building the early church, Judas disappears from the record.

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The Blokebot


Here's a funny commercial for Australian beer that pokes fun at robots in the service of man.

"When man creates the robot he will find true happiness" -HL Roberts 1907

From BestAdsOnTV.com

HL Roberts is a made up person.

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Squirrel Radio Action


Here is a radio sketch which I find extremely funny. It is a very dry humor piece which tracks the work of a band of squirrels as they try and effect social change from the perspective of a squirrel, but in the world of humans.

It is performed by a performance art group called "My Barbarian". I don't know anything about them, but I don't know that I would recommend taking the kids to see their performance - although the radio show above is safe. The piece is a clip from the local NPR station KPCC, which has a show called Pacific Drift which featured this sketch.

"My Barbarian" is playing at RedCat
Pacific Drift is online here

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