"I am a Ninja"


Ask a Ninja: Google Video.

"Q. If a ninja were a food what would he be?
A. A cream puff. A cream puff with poison cream."

Thanks Charles!

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Evangelical Environmental Network

girly bible

People respond very passionately to global warming, many see it as a political issue. I think it is more of a moral, spiritual and social justice issue. As a result I would like to promote this group,Evangelical Environmental Network. Their materials are cheesy, but the approach of "declaring Lordship of Christ over all creation," gives me hope.

"On the Care of Creation
An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation
The Earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof - Psalm 24:1
As followers of Jesus Christ, committed to the full authority of the Scriptures, and aware of the ways we have degraded creation, we believe that biblical faith is essential to the solution of our ecological problems..."

As a final note, I would like to suggest that Christians consider what Al Gore is saying, not who is saying it.

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Cool physics based computer desktop model

Bumptop desktop BumpTop is a cool physics based computer desktop. It uses a compilation of lots of cutting edge U/I interaction techniques to make it easier to manage lots of icons. Right now it looks like it is only a prototype. I want one for real! BumpTop Prototype

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Commodore 64 espresso machine

commodore 64 espresso machine Two of the things I have found great pleasure in combined. If only I had enjoyed them at the same time. From this blog:TONTO CHI LEGGE!!

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