1 videoconference. 37 people. 122.7 tons of C02 saved

A little more love from the O.C. Register via the LUCI blog:

LUCI Blog: 1 videoconference. 37 people. 122.7 tons of C02 saved "Organizing an international conference takes a lot of work. But it doesn'€™t have to burn a lot of fuel -€“ provided that organizers are willing to meet by video-teleconference. That'€™s the route that UCI informatics professor Donald Patterson and 36 others took last weekend while they were ironing out the details of Pervasive 2008, a conference to be held next May in Sydney, Australia."

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Goodbye Uncle Larry


My Uncle Larry passed away yesterday after a couple years of battling cancer:

So long Uncle Larry. I'm going to miss you. Thanks for the encouragement while I was in the Navy. For teaching me about driving ships and being a professional Naval Officer. Thanks for the trip to Fenway Park, for taking us to the Barnstable County fair. Thanks for Pedro's (they're wicked good), for Del's Lemonade. Thanks for making your son a great playground. Thanks for doughnuts before the road race - sorry about the pink ones. Thanks for showing us how to live strong through cancer. I'm glad that we got to say goodbye before yesterday. I will spend a lot of my life pondering why you would ask for prayer for patience and courage above all other things as you saw the end approaching. Sigh - man this is a hard season....

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I always liked that Uncle Larry had Friendly's Ice Cream mini sundaes in his freezer and he loved being nice to his milk man. He was always, always kind to Grandma even when she was loopy.

Posted by: Andrea and Nate at January 28, 2008 6:23 PM

"Jesus is My Image Consultant" T-shirt Refresh

I refreshed this t-shirt to include the mirrored text "You Are The Man" on the front.

Original post here.

Consume yours here.

Explanation here:

" In the old Testament (1 Samuel 12), God sent Nathan, a prophet, to tell King David that he was blind to his own hypocrisy. He could see the evil in others, but not in his own actions. David needed God to tell him who he really was so that he could repent. David needed an image consultant to help him be the person he wanted to be. God took that role. I desire the same for me."

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Statistical Portrait of UCI


The UC Irvine Office of Institutional Research released an interesting statistical portrait of UCI on 9/24/2007. Here is one of the highlight graphs which compares the number of undergraduate applicants vs. undergraduate admissions. The drastic increase in applicants is probably a combination of effects: high school students are applying to more schools and UCI is increasing in stature.

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"Circling the Globe in the Name of Science"

Hey, I'm in the O.C. Register, read about it in the LUCI blog:

LUCI Blog: "Circling the Globe in the Name of Science"

"5. Informatics Professor Don Patterson visited villages in South Africa and Zambia to examine how such aid groups as the Agathos Foundation use information technology to help care for children, particularly orphans whose parents died of AIDS. He also worked on a cell phone tool that makes it easy for donors who give money for aid projects to get feedback about how their money is spent."

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T-J-H-S-S-and-T that's who we are - that's who we be


My high school got rated #1 by U.S. News and World Report. Boy, I feel sorry for the rest of the nation. :)

Gold Medal Schools - US News and World Report

Thanks for the pointer Nate!

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Wow. Mine was a problem school. I remember having to work to get administrators to let me take A.P. tests.

I'm awfully jealous.

Posted by: Sam Kaufman at December 7, 2007 11:59 AM