June 2008

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Whither art thou summer?


Ugh... on the left is the graph of my inbox for the last month. I thought this was supposed to be summer!

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When I first glanced at the chart, I thought you were depicting temperatures for the global warmings in the SC.

Posted by: Nate at July 1, 2008 4:32 AM

When I first glanced at the chart, I thought perhaps the upward trend was the result of time spent creating such pretty charts.

Posted by: Sam Kaufman at July 2, 2008 4:18 PM

Oh sure... life's easy when you are in Cambridge.

Posted by: DJP3 at July 2, 2008 5:04 PM

A new coffee grinder form factor


The above image is a scan of the receipt that I got from the car dealer this morning after I asked them to do the standard maintenance and also "take a look at the automatic sliding doors which are making funny noises".

The result of course makes me realize that I could have fresh ground coffee in my car if I would just give some beans to my kids.

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Kid questions

Photo courtesy of zrim

In a discussion with my daughter last night we stumbled on to two of life's most challenging questions. Do crabs have heads? and the related questions: Do whales have heads?

What do you think? Comment below.

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Posted by: Nate at June 25, 2008 8:50 AM

I guess this answers the whale question

Posted by: Nate at June 25, 2008 9:14 AM

Net Neutrality

net nuetrality

I previously blogged about a presentation that Cory Doctorow gave on campus. One of the points that I made to him during the presentation and then blogged about was that fighting for net neutrality is a waste of time:

"My prediction is that this fight is going to disappear because it's already lost. The net is not neutral any more. There was never any law saying it had to be. Let it go. We would be better off finding a way to publicly and objectively analyze the service from different providers."

It appears that Google is tacitly agreeing with me. They have recently announced that they are developing tools to identify when carriers are biasing your traffic based on relationships formed with other companies. So now, by using Google's forthcoming tools, consumers can compare the services provided by different providers and decide if having super fast access to ESPN is worth super slow access to to your favorite independently hosted blog.

" We're trying to develop tools, software tools...that allow people to detect what's happening with their broadband connections, so they can let [ISPs] know that they're not happy with what they're getting -- that they think certain services are being tampered with," Google senior policy director Richard Whitt said this morning during a panel discussion at Santa Clara University, an hour south of San Francisco.

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Young Engineers

Only an engineer can understand why this resonates.

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Relief - my display is back

my office

Props to the Tech Room in Costa Mesa for repairing my cinema display to better than new quickly. It is a *huge* relief to have it back.

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I can understand your relief... huge displays are nice. But now I'm wondering - do your secret powers all actually come from having a crystal skull to stare at while you work?

Posted by: haasebert at June 17, 2008 6:24 PM

No one, except my arch-nemesis, knows the secret of my super powers.

Disregard the glowing crystal head in the corner.

Posted by: DJP3 at June 18, 2008 2:19 PM

Vice Presidential Prediction


The Patterson household predicts that Obama will pick Caroline Kennedy as the vice presidential running mate. By doing so he will win the female vote that was sympathetic to Sen. Clinton, he will capitalize on sympathy for Sen. Kennedy, he will tap into a very popular presidents legacy, he will win over the white northeastern Democratic vote.

Its a brilliant move.

And now I hate myself for making a political comment which has nothing to do with policy and everything to do personality, demographics and strategy. Where is the substance!

Also I don't want to imply that my endorsement is what eventually made the difference, but I do need to point out that it was way back on November 9th when that strategic microdelegate threw his support behind Obama.

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Inbox 1238


A lot of you blog readers out there have been asking me, "Hey Don, how are you doing on the inbox zero stuff?". Well just wanted to let everyone know that zero has risen to 1238 - one thousand two hundred and thirty eight. So I'll be trying to get that under control again. But if you were waiting for a reply to your email... um.... try sending it again I guess?

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