September 2008

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Credit Card Offers Galore

wallet contents
Photo courtesy of birdy93

Totally crazy factoid from a Time article:

"52% of households making less than $50,000 received at least one credit card offer in the second quarter."

And believe it or not this is down from the first quarter where the number was 66%. A nation addicted to credit.

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Funny IM conversation from UBICOMP


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San Diego Gophersnake


Found: 1 San Diego Gophersnake which after getting run over by a car, bit itself in a very recursive manner.

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In Car Racing Footage

A friend of mine races cars. He sent me some in car footage of a run that he made a track near here called Buttonwillow. Here is what he says about it:

"here is some in car footage of the car I was driving last weekend. It is a Toyota supra with about 550 horsepower. Because of the class we are running we are restricted to relatively skinny tire. (285mm wide instead of a 335mm wide one) Its hard to tell the rate of speed the car is moving at in the video, but for perspective, the top speed is about 130 mi/hr that is reached on the straight away as well as on the big sweeping turn. The car slides around pretty good on the throttle. One video you can see a pretty big counter steer at about 120 mi/hr. :) lots of fun. If the usual cars I drive are delicate instruments, this car is a sledgehammer. Its neat to see how different you need to drive it to be fast."

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CERN particle accelerator "live" webcam :)

Here is an awesome link to the CERN particle collider's live webcam. Finally some public oversight of those renegade academics who are willing to risk the public safety in the search for their "God" particle. Click here.

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Jesus for Jesus in Los Angeles


While doing a number of fun things in Los Angeles this weekend: visiting the misnamed La Brea Tar Pits, visiting the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball museum and hanging out in Westwood, I came across this funny sign outside a Jews for Jesus office.

The E"st. 32 A.D. (give or take) line cracks me up!

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