September 2009

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Cebu is cheap now

cebu hilton

News of the next of many great things that has happened: The price of the vacation package that we were buying in order to get out of the thunderstorm in Manila dropped $1500.00 while we were waiting for the wheels of the adoption bureaucracy to turn. This trip was to fulfill our obligation to be in country with J before we have our official check-out. Sweet! Also the thunderstorms all cleared up (somehow) in the last 24 hours.

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Julius knows now

From the social worker in the Phlippines:

"Dear Sandy,

Our car could accomodate 8 person including the driver. How huge are your luggages? I dont think our car could accomodate u all including the luggages.

I already discussed this to Ms. MIla XXXXX, our Head Social Worker and she allow to use the service vehicle of RSCC to pick u up at the airport and drive u back in Manila. You just need to pay the gasoline and the toll fee. Is it okay with u if the center's vehicle will be the one to use?

Yes, Julius is so excited to see u too when we broke to him the news.

Have a safe trip!


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The Big Bang

Cool video of a physicist describing the impossible to describe.

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Collision Trailer

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A former student waxing reflective on his research project with me...

My UCI Research Project: Nomatic*Aid | Danish Khan's Thoughts

"Also, the fact that even though it was Professor Patterson’s research project he gave me the responsibility of doing it how I felt was best as long as the project got done and did not have any bugs."

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Welcome to the Dark Side

Social Sunday logo

The dark side of social networking -

"Here’s some advice from Dr. Donald Patterson — director of the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction at UCI and the CTO of, a social networking site — about pondering the dark side of social networking."

"Consider how the software will use your location and whether or not you are making yourself vulnerable by letting people know where you are — or where you aren’t — before giving software permission to use your location information."

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