I won an art contest


I won first place in the Optical Society of America Art in Science Contest with the work, 'O-O'.

Statement: "This style of visualization is usually used to display connections between different regions in DNA. This image however, was generated from the messages sent between users of a social networking site. By visualizing social data in the this way, we can see how people communicate, the roles that people play in the web of communication and we may reflect on how our social behavior is as much a part of us as our DNA.

The outer ring has a color band for every unique user. The angle swept by the band corresponds to the number of messages sent by that user (the large ticks are 100’s) The connections in the middle show how often one user sends a message to another user. "

Learn more about the contest here: http://osa.ps.uci.edu/artinscience/index.html

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wow - the world has passed me by. DJPJr.

Posted by: Donald J. Patterson Jr. at November 30, 2009 2:28 PM

Cool picture, Don. Congratulations! I like it.

Posted by: John Krumm at November 30, 2009 5:24 PM

Peak Oil and Global Warming

It can't be a coincidence that we, as a society, are talking about Peak Oil at the same that we are talking about Global Warming. Maybe the temperature of the earth has varied over its many years based on whether the carbon was in the atmosphere or buried under the planet. Maybe the drilling for fossil fuels that we are doing is terra-forming our planet unexpectedly, but not to a new state, just a state that has long since been left behind. I think I'll have primordial soup for dinner tonight.

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Post Halloween Candy Graph


This is such an awesome math project. Make a graph of your Halloween candy haul.

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Funny elevator sign


I spotted this sign in Costa Mesa last night. It struck me as funny that the job of rescuing me from a broken elevator was being delegated to "the elevator company". It's a bit like saying that Boeing will get you out of your plane when it's burning on the runway.

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Places I want to go

A store dedicated to soda:
Galco’s Soda Pop Stop
5702 York Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California 90042

A store where I can buy gold (that I can physically hold)
Irvine Gold Mine Suite E
14370 Culver Dr.
Irvine CA 92604

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I want a spiral wine cellar

spiral wine cellar

I want a spiral wine cellar. But I'd probably store as much cheese in it as wine.

Spiral Cellars - Professional wine storage in your home wine cellar

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