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Learning Objectives

What do we think Westmont College Computer Science majors should learn given that 65 percent of our graduates will end up in careers that didn't exist when they started grade school? (Now You See It)


Just like you can't build a cathedral without knowing how to lay bricks, we want our students to have a strong foundation in using multiple computer languages and platforms.


Regardlesss of which computer language you are using, learning how to create and analyze algorithms is a critical skill for our students.

Handling Ambiguity

Because the real world rarely gives you easy or well-defined problems to work on, we need our future graduates to be able to apply themselves using research, critical thinking and creativity.

Inspired Thinking

We aren't just any other school, we want faithful computer scientists, who are called by Jesus Christ, and can articulate and identify to what ends computational systems are changing the world.

What does that look like?

Our Students

Here are a few recent graduates online portfolios. Our students have careers in Silicon Valley, grad school, and non-profits. There are few jobs left that don't rely on computer systems.


Our History

  • 1936

    The Turing Machine

    Alan Turing introduces the idea of an abstract computing machine that can compute anything computable. © National Portrait Gallery, London

  • 1937

    Westmont College founded

    Westmont College, founded in Los Angeles, benefitted from the success of the Kerr family business in mason jars and the generosity and faithfulness of Mrs. Ruth Kerr.More

  • 1953

    First computer language created

    Rear Admiral "Amazing" Grace Hopper drives the invention of COBOL, a machine independent high-level computer language

  • 1964

    The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is created

    Douglas Englebart protoypes the mouse and indirect manipulation opening human-computer interaction to non-experts. SRI International

  • ~1983

    Computer Science comes to Westmont

    In the early eighties during a period of transition, Westmont created the Computer Science major (More)

  • Winter Hall


    WICL Founded

    The Westmont Inspired Computing Lab is formed to create a place for computer science majors to pursue new computing directions as a part of their education.

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Our Dedicated Faculty

We develop people and ideas

Dr. Wayne Iba

Not an Alumni of Hogwarts, Dr. Iba is an artificial intelligence expert with experience at NASA, the FBI and the University of California. His most famous research paper has been cited over 1300 times.

Dr. Donald J. Patterson

Dr. Patterson drinks too much coffee, but is a mobile computing expert with experience in the U.S. Navy, several startups and the University of California. He has over 180,000 views YouTube


Westley doesn't teach any classes, but he represents other faculty on whose expertise we draw to round out our program. People like Dr. Dave Hunter, Dr. Ray Rostentrater, and John Rodkey

Contact Us

Contact one of the computer science faculty with any questions that you have or just tell us that you read our website and we'll send you some WICL schwag.