April 2009

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Introduction to quub ォ quub:stream

I'm totally excited about my startup company www.quub.com that launched yesterday. Limited public beta for the first 10,000 people!

Introduction to quub from quub.com on Vimeo.

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Did you Know?

This is a cool video. I don't know what to do with all the stats and data that are in it. I don't know how to act on it or who to tell about it. Therefore I am blogging it. May it not be lost to the ether b/c I have mentioned it here:

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The Danger of More Shiny New Things

The Simple Wisdom Project: POVs

"Imagine the temptations that the executives at In-N-Out have felt over the years to add something new. In addition to wanting to take advantage of trends and fads, they very easily could have decided they were bored offering the same menu. Why not add a chicken sandwich? Or a shamrock shake in March? Or a Mexican-pizza-melt? Every other restaurant is adding new items to keep customers interested. Weren‘t they worried they‘d fall behind?

They‘ve always said ‘no’, and kept their focus on making the freshest, most consistent high quality hamburger in the world—or at least in this part of the world. And they‘ve never been willing to dilute their focus on that by chasing something shiny and new. They believe that there are plenty of people out there who want great hamburgers, and they‘re okay with those people driving to another restaurant when they are craving something else. That requires great restraint and a real appreciation for what they already have."

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TechNewsWorld quoted me

Technology News: Social Networking: Twitter and the Future of Discourse, Part 1 "If Twitter finds the need to charge for their services, the 89 percent tweeting for fun are going to find that it's not worth it and will go somewhere else," says Patterson. "This will reduce Twitter's value to the self-promoters and corporations alike. Together with the financial challenge, this suggests that Twitter will have to have a radically new kind of business model to survive."

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Flutter: Because Twitter is too much work

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What is your favorite color?

Last night, my two year old announced that her favorite color was gray. (We are failing so badly at being the "fun" family. :) )

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It is better than saying her favorite color is clear.

Posted by: Andrea at April 8, 2009 5:47 PM

Sexual Harassment can be thrilling

"The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity announces the return of Emmy Award winning Life Theatre - an exhilarating, educational and enjoyable alternative to mandatory AB1825 online sexual harassment prevention training."

Finally sexual harassment training that sparkles with the energy and excitement of Broadway!

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Will you be my friend?


So I recently got this friend request on Facebook. I was sure it was not for real and then I had a Skype conversation with him. I have no idea what is real about this person, but the profile picture made me laugh. It was so out of my world that it was comical. I suppose that it might be completely normal in his world. Welcome to the flat earth. Also, can I just say that the term "friend" is completely worthless. This guy is not my "friend" even though I might want to connect with him online.

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Toward Inbox Zero


The end of the quarter has been accompanied by a dizzying array of unexpected things to do. I suppose they were all put on hold until the quarter was over. Egad...it's ugly.

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