Life after Life after Death

From:My Thoughts on Easter Preaching and Study Help | TheResurgence

"After surveying several other ancient pagan writers and philosophers Wright concludes: “Nobody in the pagan world of Jesus’ day and thereafter actually claimed that somebody had been truly dead and had then come to be truly, and bodily, alive once more.” [10] Death, in ancient paganism, was a one-way street. According to Wright, “the road to the underworld ran only one way. Throughout the ancient world, from its ‘bible’ of Homer and Plato, through its practices (funerals, memorial feasts), its stories (plays, novels, legends), its symbols (graves, amulets, grave-goods) and its grand theories, we can trace a good deal of variety about the road to Hades, and about what one might find upon arrival. As with all one-way streets, there is bound to be someone who attempts to drive in the opposite direction. One hears of a Protesilaus, an Alcestis or a Nero redivivus, once or twice in a thousand years. But the road was well policed. Would-be traffic violators (Sisyphus, Eurydice and the like) were turned back or punished. And even they occurred in what everybody knew to be myth.” [11] Wright notes: “We cannot stress too strongly that from Homer onwards the language of ‘resurrection’ was not used to denote ‘life after death’ in general, or any of the phenomena supposed to occur within such a life. The great majority of the ancients believed in life after death; many of them developed… complex and fascinating beliefs about it and practices in relation to it; but, other than within Judaism and Christianity, they did not believe in resurrection.” [12] "

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Don's Doppleganger

Somewhere on the Internet this person is singing songs and trying to be exactly like me. Since I am clearly just as musically talented, I am, naturally, outraged.

This person looks just like Don
You wish
Not really
You wish free polls

Thanks Trent!

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Driscoll on the fall of Christian America

The Mars Hill Blog | Blog Archive サ Pastor Mark Driscoll takes on Christian America for Fox News

I do not find the report [of the fall of Christian America] surprising or discouraging. With the social benefits of professing to be a Christian no longer in place and the social stigma of not professing to be a Christian now lifted, those who were [nominally] part of Christian America are simply no longer pretending to be part of Christian America. Since those who professed faith but did not practice faith were confusing to account for, this is actually a good thing. Now, it is more likely that if someone is a Christian or non-Christian, he or she will state so plainly.

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Video of Lightning Hitting the Seattle Space Needle

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On the cost of espresso

I was fooling around with our espresso machine today. We named it "Roba" our robot espresso machine. The goal in fooling with the machine was to reduce the auto-off to something shorter than 2 hours in order to save the planet. I figured I could wait 3 minutes to have a latte if it meant that I would be able to avoid a climate-change-induced civil war when I'm 80. What I discovered however was a statistics panel. The statistics panel informed me that we have made 5173 lattes/espresso drinks since we received the machine from our good friends as a going away gift from Seattle.

On a previous occasion, I calculated our cost per drink at something like $.50 (milk, beans water -didn't include electricity) so those drinks have cost us $2586.50 over the life of the machine. Starbucks however would have cost us $18,105 at $3.50 a drink!!

Roba, the robot barista, has saved us $15,519. Let's hear it for technology!

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*Now* doesn't a super robot coffee machine seem like a good idea? Recall:

Posted by: Sam at May 17, 2009 12:04 AM