We have many goals for students taking courses in the Computer Science Program. Some of them are specific to particular courses, but almost all are examples of our Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

This are the overarching Computer Science Program Learning Objectives

  1. Core Knowledge Students will know the core ideas and methods in the field of computer science.
  2. Communication Students will be able to communicate information and ideas of computer science in writing or orally.
  3. Creativity Students will be able to independently learn new ideas and techniques and to formulate and solve a novel problem in computer science.
  4. Christian Connection Students will incorporate computer science knowledge and skill into a wider interdisciplinary framework and especially into a personal faith and its accompanying worldview.
Some of the things that you will learn map to the above learning objectives as follows:
  • Methods for developing team based software projects - PL01
  • Methods for managing software projects - PL01
  • Methods for effective implementation and testing of software - PL01
  • Describe the architecture of a specific project plan. - PL02
  • Work with a team to set goals for a software project. - PL02
  • Work with a team to negotiate implementation of a software project. - PL02
  • You will come up with unique ways to translate a computational vision into specific software implementations. - PL03
  • You will discuss the interpersonal dynamics that exist in teams and how grace and justice can be best balanced in the interest of creating software. - PL04