See how good you are at estimating your coding effort.

  • Write a “program” in your favorite language that will accept numerical numbers as inputs, compute the average, and output the answer.
  • Include testing of the core algorithm
  • Keep a very detailed log of how your time is spent while writing this program (log template):
    1. When did you start?
    2. When did you stop?
    3. Why did you stop?
    4. What did you do during that session?
    5. If you were interrupted for more than 2 minutes what was the source of interruption?
    6. Repeat as necessary
  • Turn in a copy of your source code and your log to Eureka
  • At the end of your log, tally how much effort you spent (just time on task) and how much time elapsed from the very first start moment until you turned it in.
  • Test input:
    1. input_01
    2. input_02
    3. input_03
  • Test output:
    1. output_01
    2. output_02
  • Due date: 09/11 11:59pm
  • This is an homework grade