May 20, 2004

WWW 2004 Day 2

Street Scene
  • Ud Manber Keynote Address about Amazon's A9 search engine
    • Amazon wants to invent new things in search focussed on e-commerce, that are easy to use, relevant and empirically verifiable as better (particularly as quality is concerned). A9 is a wholly owned subsidiary which is set up to do this.
    • "Search inside a book" is one of the first apps. Hundreds of thousands of books scanned then OCR'd in about six months.
    • "Search history" is another feature. This also includes "Click History" and a display of what new sites have been found for a given query since the last time you made that search query. Lots of privacy implications here, so Amazon has an unpersonalized site for the people concerned with privacy that still want to use the search engine.
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