August 16, 2004

Intel Intern Trip Summary

Kerry's campaign boat
  • Thursday night I went on the intern cruise and sat next to the Intel Seattle interns and Hans Mulder the Associate Director of Intel Research. We chatted about Intel's research strategy and a little about the SHARP RFID project, but nothing too technical. Good food and good company
  • Friday morning I attended an Intel intern breakfast at the hotel. I spoke about why I came back to Intel for a second internship. The highlights were good networking, good money, my research is amplified through Intel's publishing-open IP agenda. It was well received because I said that Intel was light on bureaucracy - don't laugh - I really believe it.
  • Friday mid-day was a group discussion with Pat Gelsinger, Senior Vice President who runs the Intel Research effort, among other things. He spoke about Intel's exploratory research strategy, emphasizing the desire to develop new profit centers for Intel which are outside of anyone's core competency right now. It was interesting to hear someone talking business-speak whom I felt was actually credible.
  • Friday afternoon was the Country Fair demo. I helped Matthai and Sunny run the SHARP demo. It was lightly attended and the demo was acting flaky, but I still started losing my voice by the end. I'm not sure that the demo was very valuable, but the Seattle crowd have some great demo-smithing abilities in my opinion
  • And on a side note, the hotel that Intel put my up at was right outside the Kerry/Edwards rally in Portland. Fortunately I left before traffic became impassible.
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