I Want My WarTV!

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The New York Times reports on the rise of military channels, both independent and run by the Pentagon, talking about all things war-like.

A consequence of post-modern thinking is that our culture no longer believes that there is an objective truth. One of the fall-outs is that we no longer believe that striving after objective journalism is a worthwhile pursuit, because, after all, whose truth is it? Enter the rise of propaganda media where different interests leverage this distrust of objectivity to present its own truth for its own purposes. Journalism is reduced to just taking snippets from everyone's public relations firm like a sports highlight round-up.

I am concerned that few people recognize the degree to which spin has entered our news outlets. Everyone thinks "their" news is objective. So it's either democracynow and IndyNews or it's Fox news and the Pentagon Channel, but both are just spinning in an attempt to further their interests, be that money, public support, or political power.

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