Blue Like Jazz


This was a very northwest book on Christian spirituality. It was fun for me to read because I knew a few of the people that the author talks about. The church that the author mentions, Imago Dei, is somewhat a sister church to mine, Mars Hill Church.

This book is written almost in a stream of consciousness style and reflects the growing discontent within the Christian community of the forms that Christianity has taken and the organizations which have co-opted Christianity for things other than the core messages of Jesus. That said, it's not really a book for Christians. It's really just a story of the author's spiritual journey in a particular time and place.

I am encouraged that writing like this is seeing the light of day. It is accessible, honest, deep, but not really profound. That makes it feel authentic but not high-brow.

Here are some of the author's points that resonated with me:
Why does going to church feel like walking into the Gap?
Why are we more concerned with what is cool rather than with what is noble?
How can you authentically love someone without condoning the aspects of their behavior which are clearly wrong?

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You're right, not particularly profound.

Posted by: Nate at May 6, 2005 5:42 AM

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