Jumper by Steven Gould


Jumper is the first book that I've actually read for fun in quite a while. It was a nice change of pace to be reading a book that I couldn't put down.

The book is about a young man named Davy who has the ability to teleport. Now, normally, I think that this would devolve into a stupid book very quickly, but the author, Steven Gould, does a great job of creating a character who is too overwhelmed with hard real life problems to start getting too goofy with his "super-power".

The plot builds slowly and gradually draws you into believing that this is a realistic premise, by the time I was done. I was surprised that I had suspended my disbelief for so long. It was a really fun read and I enjoyed it.

Now the caveats. It is a science fiction book, and although it was written well, it was clearly written by and about a geek. I happen to like that. It is also a dark and gritty book. Although it kind of presents itself like a young adult novel. I think that there are some aspects of it that require more maturity than I probably had until I was in college. There is an attempted rape, some terrorism related carnage, some sexual innuendo etc. Nothing too graphic, but not night-time reading for your 10 year old either.

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