Jim Gilchrist Can't Manage his Telephone Call List : Updated

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Jim Gilchrist is running for Congress for District 48 in Orange County, California. This is where I live and includes Irvine, CA.

He bugs me because his entire platform is based on a negative outlook on the present and future expressed through organizing volunteer border patrols. He must not be riding the bus around Orange County at 5 am or he'd see all the Mexicans going to their jobs cleaning up Orange County's trash, mowing our lawns and delivering our goods. We might need Mexican labor, as much as they need a place to earn a living. Anyway, I rant...

Of course the reason I'm blogging is much closer to home. He has some robot calling program that calls my cell phone, uses my minutes and my bandwidth to tell me about how he is keeping the Mexicans out of California and darn it isn't that good enough for my vote. Although I've asked his campaign to remove me from his list, I keep getting his calls. I guess he can't figure out how to find people who can run a database as easily as he can find people who will capture poor people in their spare time.

And just so that I have something to offer rather than just criticisms, I endorse a much better candidate, Bea Tiritilli. A well-spoken, apparently well-educated mom.

Here is the text of an email exchange that I traded with "Eldon" of the Gilchrist campaign. This was the second time I requested to be removed from their calling list:

I have received two telephone calls on my mobile phone from a Jim Gilchrist recording robot. Please stop calling me. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Dear Dr. Patterson,

I have removed your name and phone number from the file we used last night for the auto dial message from Jim Gilchrist. The number was generated from the voter files of registered voters from the OC Registrar of Voters. You may want to re-register to vote and not fill in a telephone number to avoid this in the future.


So the only reason why I'm asked for my phone number on the voter registration card is so that I can get automatic dialer messages from any candidate who can afford the list?

Well see what they say next....

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