Get Rid of Pre-Approval Letters, Junk Mail, Spam, Telemarketing Calls, etc.

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Some handy anti-marketing help for you below.

Here is a link to get yourself off of the credit card company pre-approval lists:

And to not get telemarketing calls go here:
and here:

And to quit getting some junk mail go here:

And to quit getting some spam go here:

And to quit getting sexually-oriented mail, fill this form out and send it to the address listed here.

Some of the links will charge you $5.00 to get off the lists, but if you click the button for getting off the list by mail instead, they will pre-generate a letter that you can print out and mail.

As far as I can tell these sites are legit. Some are referenced by the FTC in the following article:, others are run by the Post Office. If it makes you feel better, I used all of them.

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