Robert Schuller and the Crystal Cathedral

Crystal Cathedral photo courtesy of ttrier

One of the many reality bending experiences that go on in Southern California is the Sunday program at the Crystal Cathedral. This is Robert Schuller's church. It is widely viewed with disdain from the evangelical Christian community. I have driven by it on the way to DisneyLand because they are separated by about 3 miles. Honestly I've never been there, but all of the press that I've seen has suggested its a huge production with television involved. The building itself reminds me of a Mormon temple. Neither of these things appeal to me.

So it was with some surprise that I read an article by my former pastor speaking quite highly of Dr. Schuller. I'm glad I read this early on in my Southern California adventure (technically my third such adventure). It will allow me to speak more intelligently about such an influential local institution.

From: Lunch with the Schullers at the Crystal Cathedral | Resurgence

"This is the final week of Dr. Robert H. Schuller's tenure as senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. He founded the church some fifty years ago and is handing the leadership of both his church and the "Hour of Power" television program, which he has led since 1970, to his son. Throughout his ministry, Dr. Schuller has been a controversial leader, lauded by some for pioneering cutting-edge ministry, and loathed by others for promoting over-the-edge doctrine..."

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