Roe vs. Wade for Men

abortion protest
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The Anderson Cooper 360 Blog brought to my attention a very interesting development in the abortion debates. It's about a guy who is suing to not have to pay child support. Seems like a typical dead-beat dad syndrome, until you hear his rationale. If you think abortion is about a women's right-to-choose, then his argument makes a lot of sense.

" Dubay told me that he feels he was shut out. 'She was given the right to have an abortion, keep the child, put the child up for adoption, and whatever she chooses, I have to go along with....Under our laws, our constitution, that doesn't seem right to me.' "

So if a woman has the right to choose, then why does a man not get to choose whether or not he is going to pay child support? It's a great question. Why doesn't the man also get to choose. It impacts the rest of his life also.

Of course this all relies on a foundation which I reject. I believe the right to choose is made when the child is conceived and after that abortion is a horribly misguided attempt to deal with the consequences of a bad decision.

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