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I just spent an hour chatting with Chris DiBona who is the Open Source Program Manager at Google. It is great to hear someone who actually is working in the guts of the field talk about net nuetrality, dark fiber, data centers, open source licenses, and Air Wolf. It has such a different flavor than people who are professional commentators.

Here is the summary of the opinions:
Net nuetrality: bad will get worse before it gets better.
Dark Fiber: innocuous it hosts Google's internal network and makes caching work better.
Data Centers: mmm...they exist and Google needs food badly...
Open Source license: If you want to make money off your software don't use them. If you do use them, don't try and make money off your software later. Apache is his flavor of the day.
Air Wolf: Scared of Jan-Michael Vincent, show sucked. (He is completely wrong on this point. A helicopter landing in a psuedo-volcano rocks.

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Whew! Now that I know all this, I can sleep better at night.

Posted by: Nate at May 1, 2006 4:25 AM

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