Christian Coalition weighs in on Net Neutrality

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It sure is encouraging when I see Christians thinking through issues and then standing up for interests that go against the dominate power (and it helps if I agree with the position). In this press release, the Christian Coalition of America defends the concept of net nuetrality. This generally means the policy that internet service providers and network carriers (like AT&T) shouldn't discriminate against certain types of Internet communication. If they did, they could charge you more to get to Google, or make Google requests very slow, because Yahoo! paid AT&T for the right to have faster connections.

Christian Coalition Announces Support for 'Net Neutrality' to Prevent Giant Phone and Cable Companies From Discriminating Against Web Sites

"Washington D.C. -- Today, Christian Coalition of America announced its support for the effort to amend pending telecom legislation in Congress in order to prevent the large phone and cable companies from discriminating against web sites. Roberta Combs, the President of Christian Coalition of America said, "Christian Coalition is joining a broad array of organizations, representing consumers, businesses, and all ends of the political spectrum. The Coalition is committed to working on behalf of our supporters to ensure that the Internet remains the free marketplace of ideas, products and services that it is today."

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