Tea Partay

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Okay, even though this hits *way* too close to home, I'm posting it because it's funny. From the Tea Partay Handbook. Prep School Snaps:

  • Your golf game is so bad, they had to raise your handicap to infinity.
  • Your sailboat is so small, you spilled your water bottle and sank it.
  • Your money is so new, it has Ben Franklin's baby picture on it.
  • You went to public school.
  • Your look is so busted, the crest on your blazer is just the sticker off a banana.
  • Your summer house is so small, they renamed the town, "Broke Hampton"
  • Your shoes are so wak, they're called Bottom-siders.
  • Your Yacht Club is so cheap, they built it in the middle of a desert.
  • Your trust fund is so depleted, your great, great grandfather rose from the dead to play harmonica in the bus station.
  • Your shirt is a poly/cotton blend.

Thanks Nate!

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