Pervasive Computing in Healthcare


Tylenol PM not strong enough for you? Then I suggest you check out the following book Pervasive Computing in Healthcare. Chapter 4 is by my advisors and I! Everyone else is a bit bored by this, but it's my first book chapter, so I'm kind of jazzed.

From Amazon:

"With a holistic view, Pervasive Computing in Healthcare offers an overview of the subject and its application to problems in healthcare and disability. This book covers the basics, including various types of computer science tools and techniques, and introduces important models in applying technology to healthcare, disease, and disability. It presents specific examples of pervasive computing applications in various contexts, such as in the home or in the hospital, and how it can be applied as proactive or preventative methods to help with diseases. This text also provides an understanding of research and methodological issues related to developing technologies and evaluating their performance."

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