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Thank you Wyndham Midtown Atlanta for introducing me to the shampooing experience that is "Cedarwood and Spanish Borage Oil". I feel like I'm shampoo'ing in the middle of the Alamo on a really bad day. But why let a bad day at the Alamo mean you can't have *great* hair.

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Are you sure they just didn't squirt Pert Plus into their bottle? I don't like the sound of "borage oil" Although I did hear that it's been trading a bit lower over the past few weeks.

Posted by: Nate at December 13, 2006 9:50 AM

Where can i get this shampoo? I can't find it anymore.

Posted by: Donna at November 12, 2008 10:45 AM

Well if you mean where can you get it besides the Wyndham Midtown Atlanta, I have no idea. Maybe call the hotel?

Posted by: DJP3 at November 12, 2008 12:29 PM

I wish to God the Wyndom had not changed to the "Blue" collection they have right now because it smells like 409 and could take paint off the walls it is so harsh! We stay at the Wyndom on a frequent basis, or at least we did as I guess the economy has hit them too as I have to say it is not the only area where I've seen they are cutting back, everywhere but their prices!
When I first saw the name "Cedarwood and Spanish Borage Oil" I was a bit put off myself until I smelled it and then used it! It was the most refreshing thing! The scent was not overpowering but stayed with you all day, every time you brush your hair it gets freshened-up too and I've got the hair for it, waist length and I do not like anything overpowering, at least not since high school when Agree (*or gee your hair smell terrific) were the IN shampoo's at the time...
Wish I knew where I could find it. The only thing I'm thinking of doing is making my own since I made my own 'compare to the ex-shampoo agree' and it's GR8. They sell the oil for that as well as for *gee your hair smell terrific & lots of other scents which people can't find anymore but love anyway in spite of the fact the original manufacturers go after them for copyright infringement even though they haven't made the stuff in 20 years and have no intention of ever making it again so they grudge some little guy in smalltown usa for making $5 a bottle...... And would ya believe I'm a Republican????
Soap box going back in closet.......
Till the next time my Ire (Irish temper) rises
(5-10 min from now minimum.....)

Posted by: Maegi McCann at February 10, 2009 8:03 PM

Ok, I have to weigh in. This shampoo is everything you guys said and more, and it's been obsessing me a bit lately that Golden Door discontinued it. Back when they did so, (2004 or 2005, I'd say it was), I spoke to someone there, and they offered me free samples of all their new shampoo. NOTHING like it, and didn't work at all similar. This shampoo did such amazing things for my hair that I collected enough for a month from the maids (tipped them well, too), plus, any of my coworkers that were on the trip with me that had happened to bring back the Cedarwood & Spanish Borage Oil Wyndham Set, gave them to me and received my undying gratitude. But it didn't last forever, you see, and here it is Thanksgiving Day of 2009, and I'm doing frantic searches for anything similar, and of course stumbled upon your conversation.

Can I just say, you all experienced the Halley's Comet, of hair care. Maegi, if you do manage to make a good substitute, email me!

Posted by: Cathy at November 26, 2009 5:27 AM

Does any one know where i can buy some Cedarwood and spanish borage oil shampoo.
Lanene Holder

Posted by: Lanene Holder at December 4, 2009 10:15 AM

How can one by the Wyndam cedarwood and spanish borage oil?

Posted by: Mary Beth at July 18, 2011 5:27 AM

I am looking for cedarwood & Spanish borage oil shampoo. I tried it once and loved it, but I can't seem to locate it on any website.

Posted by: Laurel Smith at November 9, 2011 7:45 AM

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