All of life is repentance

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I just read a really powerful two-page essay on two competing ways of looking at repentance. It can be found here (by Tim Keller). Repentance can be either a self-centered, self-righteous atoning for your own sin, or it can be the process of more deeply understanding what Jesus has done for you.

The liturgy for repentance from George Whitefield (circa 1738) is summarized toward the end:

"Have I spoken or thought unkindly of anyone? Am I justifying myself by caricaturing (in my mind) someone else? Have I been impatient and irritable? Have I been self-absorbed and indifferent and inattentive to people?"

"Have I avoided people or tasks that I know that I should face? Have I been anxious or worried? Have I failed to be circumspect or have I been rash and impulsive"

"Am I doing what I am doing for God's glory and the good of others or am I being driven by fears, need for approval, love of comfort and ease, need for control, hunger for acclaim and power or the 'fear of man'?"

It's hard to stand in God's presence and answer those questions

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