Freedom and Economics for Prison Inmates


My dad works closely with an organization called "Good News Jail and Prison Ministry". It is an organization that supplies Christian chaplains to jails and prisons in the U.S. and internationally.

My dad also recently sold his day-to-day business, D.P. Associations and is now deciding how to spend his time. His recent idea is to start a vending machine business to both fund the chaplains through GNJPM as well as to provide job opportunities for the inmates that are coming out of jail. Running a vending machine is not rocket science, but it does make money. Kind of the bottom line for what inmates in transition need.

Anyway, my valuable input to this whole affair is to brand the vending machines as "Snack Prison: bars behind bars" and encourage hungry customers to set their candy and chips free!

If I can provide any help to any other valuable endeavors please feel free to call my agent.

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