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SANTA ANA, Calif. — The first bus strike in Orange County in more than two decades disrupted the commutes of thousands of riders Monday after 1,100 transportation workers walked off the job.

Companies sought to help employees cope with the strike by setting up car pool hot lines and other resources for people who have no transportation. Transit officials braced for plenty of confusion and frustrated residents.

About 70 percent of Orange County Transportation Authority riders don't have access to a car and half are members of families making $22,000 a year or less, according to the agency's chairwoman, Carolyn Cavecche.

"Scaffolding" is a term that I use to describe all the junk that you have to do in order to get something accomplished. Usually you find yourself thinking about scaffolding when you say things like, "Oh! But before I do that I need to..."

The scaffolding for getting to work this morning was very heavy. First I get out to the bus stop. I think I have missed the bus. So I go to Starbucks and get something like breakfast while I read "Diffusion of Innovations" until the next bus arrives. So I go back to the bus stop. No bus. Curious I start to think about how it might have come to pass that I missed two buses. Then I recall a notice about contract negotiations on the OCTA web page from last week and conclude that the bus drivers are on strike. A quick phone call to the Chief Household Officer confirms this. As I am one of the people mentioned in the article above without access to a car, I arrange to borrow the car for the day from the CHO. I get to campus and realize that, because it is June, I don't have any incentive passes that allow me to park on campus for free (as a reward for riding the bus). So I go to the parking office and get a new year's worth of passes. Then I park in the parking lot and realize I don't have a pen in the car to fill out the pass that sits on the dashboard. So I go into my office and get the pen, return to the car, fill out the pass go back to my office and finish building the scaffolding for work today by blogging about it.

Not all scaffolding is bad.... Like making coffee, that has a lot of scaffolding, but I enjoy it. Now to build that one....

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