USAA Deposit at Home


Yet another reason why USAA rocks: USAA is a financial services company. I do most of my banking with them. They have no branches as far as I am aware. From my perspective they are a completely online bank.

Typical criticisms of this are that you can't get cash and that you have to deposit checks by mail, which is slow. Well USAA addresses both problems. They will reimburse you up to $10.00 a month in ATM fees charged by other banks. And now the COOLEST of all things. If you want to deposit a check you simply scan it and upload it. It goes immediately into your bank account.

I'm totally excited about this because it is fast and even easier than putting it in a deposit envelope and mailing it. I don't know how they deal with countering fraud, but as far as I'm concerned it's awesome. It took me about 5 minutes to scan and deposit two checks and the money was in my account immediately.

(However, it took me 5 friggin' hours to get the software for the scanner set up!)

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