Outpouring of Support for Aunt Nancy and What to Do About It


Over 1000 people were at my Aunt Nancy's viewing this weekend. At the end of the day, that says something basic about her. She knew lots of people and they cared for her and our family. It was extremely touching.

If 1000 people come to my funeral I think I would be shocked. Not because I don't think I have friends, but just because my social network is more geographically diverse and by necessity not as deep.

Getting the most number of people to your funeral as possible is a dumb life goal. But thinking about who would go to your funeral is an interesting way to evaluate friendships and decide who to invest in. There are some people who you know are just using you to get something they want. They take time away from people who actually care about you and about whom you care.

Goal for today: Invest in the people who will be at my funeral if I'm not at theirs first.

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