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"This emphasis on thinking as the solution to our problems fails to introduce the Person who has come not only to change the way we think about life, but to change us as well. We are more than thinkers. We are worshipers who enter into relationship with the person or thing we think will give us life. Jesus comes to transform our entire being, not just our mind. He comes as a person, not as a cognitive concept we insert into a new formula for life."

from How People Change.

This quote resonates with me on lots of levels. I like the reference to the fact that we are worshipers. Whether it is Apple, Jaguar, Starbucks, Barry Bonds, or John Calvin, people naturally devote themselves to things. I also like the reminder that a relationship with Christ is not all about theory. It is a whole body, mind, soul, heart, experience because it is a relationship not a technique. Finally an error that the quote refers to is the error of thinking that good design will solve all problems. This thought is the institutional sin of my entire line of work.

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