Goodbye Uncle Larry


My Uncle Larry passed away yesterday after a couple years of battling cancer:

So long Uncle Larry. I'm going to miss you. Thanks for the encouragement while I was in the Navy. For teaching me about driving ships and being a professional Naval Officer. Thanks for the trip to Fenway Park, for taking us to the Barnstable County fair. Thanks for Pedro's (they're wicked good), for Del's Lemonade. Thanks for making your son a great playground. Thanks for doughnuts before the road race - sorry about the pink ones. Thanks for showing us how to live strong through cancer. I'm glad that we got to say goodbye before yesterday. I will spend a lot of my life pondering why you would ask for prayer for patience and courage above all other things as you saw the end approaching. Sigh - man this is a hard season....

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I always liked that Uncle Larry had Friendly's Ice Cream mini sundaes in his freezer and he loved being nice to his milk man. He was always, always kind to Grandma even when she was loopy.

Posted by: Andrea and Nate at January 28, 2008 6:23 PM

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