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At this moment, I am enjoying being a professor. When people ask me what it is like to be a professor I find it hard to answer. Sometimes I say it's like being a Senator, because it is very political and your job is evaluated based on how a group of peers think you are doing. Sometimes I say it's like being an entrepreneur because you spend a lot of time selling ideas, raising money and training people on a vision. Today it's like being a writer. My desk is covered with manuscripts and writing guides and empty coffee mugs. On the whole, I like doing all these things.

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Sweet! When is your first film coming out?

Posted by: Nate at May 2, 2008 3:37 AM

Umm... I suppose after the documentary makers finish with post-production. Which also means that they will have to start post-production, and filming, and actually existing also.

Posted by: DJP3 at May 2, 2008 12:07 PM

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