Two signs the economy is tanking

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I submit the following two signs that the economy is tanking.

  1. The bus that I have been taking for two years now is suddenly packed with people for no apparent reason. It used to be that if I got on the 7:10 Route 79 I could sit down, spread out and use my laptop. Now there are mornings when it is standing room only. Same thing on the way home. I attribute this to people having less money to afford gas and parking.
  2. In the same vein, four new signs showed up on the path on the way into campus this morning, all of them warning students that if you park in the shopping center next to campus and go to class, your car will be towed at your expense. Again, price sensitive students are no longer footing the bill for a parking pass and are trying to get away with parking nearby instead.

I might feel differently about these things if it was the start of the school year, but it's the second week of spring quarter. No big changes to anything that I can otherwise identify.

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Well that's odd. Yesterday night, Trader Joe's and Peet's in University Center were far, far more packed than usual, and the ARC was overrun. All three places had at least quadruple the number of normal occupants.

Flash mob doubled the population of Irvine?

How long has your bus been super-packed?

As for point two: I've been told that the parking passes aren't going up in price, but are getting more restrictive. Fewer places you can park as a computer science student, for instance.

Posted by: Sam Kaufman at April 16, 2008 8:22 AM

I would say the bus has picked up over the last 3 weeks. Slowly though, not all of a sudden.

Posted by: DJP3 at April 16, 2008 9:50 AM

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