Hearts and Laserbeams

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I went to the Patchwork indie arts fair this weekend in Santa Ana. I was hoping to find a good painting for my dining room, but didn't find anything suitable. I was pretty psyched to find Patchwork, though. There were a lot of creative things going on, music, food, lots of cool handmade t-shirts and clothes and other arts and crafts. It was a pretty small fair all things considered but dense with goodness.

One of the artists that was there was Steph Calvert. She runs an enterprise called "Hearts and Laserbeams" and under that name creates a lot of whimsical trendy art pieces. Many of which involve robots and cupcakes. It reminded me that although Southern California is, at times, very mass produced, it also has pockets of fun stuff going on that are the origins of the "next big thing".


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