In Car Racing Footage

A friend of mine races cars. He sent me some in car footage of a run that he made a track near here called Buttonwillow. Here is what he says about it:

"here is some in car footage of the car I was driving last weekend. It is a Toyota supra with about 550 horsepower. Because of the class we are running we are restricted to relatively skinny tire. (285mm wide instead of a 335mm wide one) Its hard to tell the rate of speed the car is moving at in the video, but for perspective, the top speed is about 130 mi/hr that is reached on the straight away as well as on the big sweeping turn. The car slides around pretty good on the throttle. One video you can see a pretty big counter steer at about 120 mi/hr. :) lots of fun. If the usual cars I drive are delicate instruments, this car is a sledgehammer. Its neat to see how different you need to drive it to be fast."

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