Political Parties and Bailouts

Let's take a quick look at presidents and bailouts. Which party is most likely to use government spending to bail out private corporations? Source of data is ProPublica

Red is Republican. Blue is Democrat.

Target of Bailoutyear(President)Cost in 2008 U.S. Dollars
Troubled Asset Relief Program2008 (Bush II)$700,000,000,000
Auto Industry2008 (Bush II)$25,000,000,000
AIG2008 (Bush II)$122,800,000,000
FannieMae/FreddieMac2008 (Bush II)$200,000,000,000
Bear Sterns2008 (Bush II)$30,000,000,000
Airline Industry2001 (Bush II)$18,600,000,000
Savings & Loan1989 (Bush)$293,300,000,000
Continental Illinois Bank1984 (Reagan)$9,500,000,000
Chrysler1980 (Carter)$4,000,000,000
New York City1975 (Ford)$9,400,000,000
Franklin National Bank1974 (Nixon)$7,800,000,000
Lockheed1971 (Nixon)$1,400,000,000
Penn Central Railroad1970 (Nixon)$3,200,000,000

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