Anti-shout-outs to and JungleDisk. Shout-out to SuperDuper.

I have had devastating hard drive failures in the past. That makes me very sensitive to keeping back-ups of my data. I was hoping that would be a wonderful option for keeping my data offsite in the cloud somewhere. Unfortunately it didn't work well. After several iterations with support I decided that they couldn't get their Mac client to work right. Plus the hassle that I got from my IT department who was telling me I was using too much bandwidth just made it all a pain.


From a technical standpoint, JungleDisk is much better. It is looks like an infinitely large disk on your computer. It accomplishes this by backing files to Amazon's cloud storage. Unfortunately Amazon limits file sizes to 5GB. So until that is fixed I can't use Jungle Disk for offsite cloud back up either.

My best solution right now then is to use the awesome program SuperDuper and back up to a network attached storage device which is RAID'd and in my office. I wish I didn't have to manage it, but for now that's my best option. I could use Apple's Time Machine offerings - that would act a lot like my NAS, but I already had the NAS when Time Machine came out.

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