On the cost of espresso

I was fooling around with our espresso machine today. We named it "Roba" our robot espresso machine. The goal in fooling with the machine was to reduce the auto-off to something shorter than 2 hours in order to save the planet. I figured I could wait 3 minutes to have a latte if it meant that I would be able to avoid a climate-change-induced civil war when I'm 80. What I discovered however was a statistics panel. The statistics panel informed me that we have made 5173 lattes/espresso drinks since we received the machine from our good friends as a going away gift from Seattle.

On a previous occasion, I calculated our cost per drink at something like $.50 (milk, beans water -didn't include electricity) so those drinks have cost us $2586.50 over the life of the machine. Starbucks however would have cost us $18,105 at $3.50 a drink!!

Roba, the robot barista, has saved us $15,519. Let's hear it for technology!

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*Now* doesn't a super robot coffee machine seem like a good idea? Recall: http://lilzet.org/post/78995694

Posted by: Sam at May 17, 2009 12:04 AM

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