Max Keiser walks that fine line...

I am fascinated by people who are borderline crazy and brilliant. I imagine that Old Testament prophets like Jeremiah were also. The thing I love about them is the way that I laugh *at* them because they are crazier than me and talking like lunatics, then after I let the message stew for a bit I hear them, then I start to worry because I realize they may be far more brilliant and spot on than I will ever be, then I panic and respond to what they are saying.

Max Keiser is one of those people. To whit:

Dr. Blankfein or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Goldman Sachs
"People will start taking themselves public on new Citizen Exchanges created by Obama; commit public sex acts to boost their stock price then short themselves before committing suicide to cash in out-of-the-money puts they bought on themselves. As a result, the porn industry will need a bailout.

Babies will abort themselves to avoid declaring bankruptcy on charges racked up on in vitro credit cards force-sold to them by Visa through their Verizon owned umbilical cords.

Facebook and Twitter will go public and will each have market caps bigger than Google causing the NASDAQ to shoot to all time new highs. Users will tweet and blog for insider stock. Perez Hilton will become a billionaire. The more you look in the mirror the more you get paid. Narcissism will get monetized by the Feds with some help by Nassim Taleb.

Thanks Lloyd Blankfein, current CEO of Goldman Sachs and future President of the United States. We are eternally in your debt."

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