Starbucks must give me MORE!!!!

supersize me

I must have more and more Starbucks coffee!!!! I used to think starbucks was the 2nd worst coffee in the world. Now I must reorder the worst coffees in the world 1) Navy coffee 2) Sam's Club Coffee 3) Starbucks coffee

"In hopes of recapturing the "bigger is always better" spirit of the previous decade, Starbucks has reportedly been test-marketing a new cup size that allows customers to guzzle 32 ounces of its iced beverages in one fell swoop. Called the "Trenta," it could provide the caffeine-needy with more than enough caffeine to power through their increasingly stressful days, or at least an hour or two of them." from The Coffee Wars Will Not End Until America Is A Shaking Heap Of Overstimulation | The Awl

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