Cornell's Call to Engagement


Cornell University's new president Jeffrey S. Lehman began his term with a one year extended conversation with the University and extended community centered on a set of questions that sought to determine the future directions of Cornell University. The result of the engagement was a wide variety of perspectives and input from alumni, students, professors, and the greater society. Many people submitted many comments ranging the entire gamut of political and social philosophies and agendas.

Now in his second year, President Lehman is poised to absorb this input and generate a direction for the next ten years.

The image on the left links to the 84 page report

The report is long and very broad. It will be quite a challenge to try and distill it into a meaningful direction because it reads like a litany of the challenges facing society today. Nonetheless, I am proud of the diversity of responses generated for my alma mater. Good for President Lehman for beginning his term in this way. I pray that Cornell can be a powerful positive influence on the next decade of the global village.

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