Advice to the Democrats


I have some advice for the Democrats next election day

  1. Quit believing things like, "The rest of the country is dumb and that's why they chose Bush" and "I'm liberal because I'm smart" Once you quit believing those things, quit saying it. That is entirely alienating to anyone who is trying to figure out the issues and vote responsibly. I heard my liberal friends espousing this and continuing to espouse this position throughout this election. It was so arrogant as to be distracting from the real decision.
  2. Quit turning this into a religious culture war and learn your theology. The Republican platform is far from the Platform-that-Jesus-Would-Choose (PJWC). But there are Republicans who know their Bible and know that Evangelical Christian leaders are not swayed by arguments that boil down to "It makes me feel bad." Instead get to know Jesus. Then use Jesus' language (or at least the translator's language) to show a different side of Jesus. Universal health care, worker's rights, less-war-more-outreach, compassion for homosexuals. Democrats could be the moral leaders, but unfortunately they won't give up their hatred of Jesus.
  3. Cross-reference this blog as an example of what is dividing the country as much as "religious fundamentalism".
  4. For the record, I voted for Nader, not Bush, I love Jesus and I am scared of both Jerry Falwell and Donald Rumsfield.

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