Can God co-exist with evolution? : small fact


My opinion on evolution vis-a-vis creationism, or more correctly, the inerrancy of the Bible is complicated. For the most part a creationist would call me an evolutionist and an atheistic evolutionist would call me a "fundamentalist creationist". In point of fact I think it's interesting to note that God could create life through a process like evolution which appears to be completely random. The key fact is that it only "appears" to be random. In the same way that I can write a deterministic computer program which will generate random numbers that will pass any statistical test of randomness you can devise, God could easily create a world through a process which appears random to our mathematical tools. The appearance of randomness isn't sufficient to eliminate the intrusive hand of God from our world. Just because a coin flip comes up heads says nothing about why it should come up heads now, or what the implications of the coin toss might be as a result of it being heads this particular time.

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Alright, I have hear this "smart creationism" pitch several times, and I am just not buying it. Creationism is a flawed concept, the whole garden of eden thing, god shaking his fist from some metaphysical plane. All bullplop in my opinion. Read stephen hawkings The universe in a nutshell, research physics and calculus. Biology and all those things, the evidence for spontaneous creation is out there, the collision of some small particles of nothingness, creating everything. It really did happen that way, god, non-existant. Just my insight, and yeah I am an atheist and yeah, I think you are a traditional creationist. So you were right in some aspects, but I really think this smart creationism was just a way for traditional creationists to cover their asses with the overwhelming evidence of evolution.

Posted by: Danny at June 13, 2005 5:56 PM

How can something which doesn't exist collide with anything?

Posted by: DJP3 at June 16, 2005 11:51 AM

i think what u said is very true and right. random to us and is not random at all to God. it only appears that way, but God has a reason and a purpose for everything that He does. all things are not for us to understand. they are here for us to learn simply that. we cannot know all because that would put us in the same position as God and then there would be no God at all. i do not believe that He keeps these things from us so that we remain inferior to Him, but to show us His power and how great He truly is because He is the all-knowing God that He is and He wants us to realize that and accept it for what it is and not question it.

Posted by: nicole at July 21, 2005 1:39 AM

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