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The University of Washington recently opened a resource center for gay and lesbian students called the "Q-Center". Only it's not just for gay and lesbian students. It's for gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex, questioning, same-gender-loving and allied people. When I write this I feel like I'm telling a joke, but I'm not, this is really who the center is targetted to.

I have lost my ability to relate to this community. 13 years ago it was about gay and lesbian folk - okay I understand that perspective. Then 11 years ago it was about gay, lesbian, and bisexual folk - mmm, okay, I guess I get that. 9 years ago transexuals were added to the mix - okay starting to not understand anymore. Then, in the last 9 years people started to express much more varied sexualities - many of which I can no longer relate to. But, whatever, I also don't feel like I have to relate to everyone anymore.

Nonetheless, it seems like this community is now defined as people who resist claiming a sexual label, but feel as if they would be in the minority if they did take a label and as a result advocate not labelling any person according to their sexuality. This seems like a far too complex statement to communicate to people who are making life hard for glqbttiqsa (still not joking) people. My outsider perspective is that they would be far better served arguing for personal freedom and leaving it at that.

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