RedBlue Project Promotes Finding a Third Way


This is so great. It is a website and maybe eventually an organization that is working to find a third way between the ridiculously extreme positions that politicians feel they must take on a variety of issues. Extremes which no one agrees with, which force everyone to take sides they don't strictly believe are correct, and then alienate the other people who were forced into taking the other side.

So today I highlight their spot on abortion. No one wants more abortions. Instead of working to reduce teen poverty, improve health education and encourage adoption reform, we yell about killing babies or women with coat hangers, depending on your side. Once the election is over we forget that we were yelling and do nothing meaningful to change the situation. We are a nation of short-attention span, passionate fools.

Choice quotes:

"Women need to be home making babies"
"If there is a way to destroy life, I'm all over it"

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